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Schedule for WorldChanging Project Presentations

DateTeam membersProject Title
12/13/07Nicole, Andrea, JenniferFood Safety/ food awareness
12/13/07Daniel O'Connor, Manlin LiGreen Chemistry
12/13/07Ben Rosenthal and Lance ShifletEarth, Wind & Fire- Alternate Fuel Sources
12/20/07Sharon and MariaroseSoil, Its not just dirt!
12/20/07Ray Yeh, Aimee Teng, Melissa VelillaHabitat or Humanity?
12/20/07Peter Liu, Angelo Nicoletta, Diana PollackWhy should we recycle?
12/20/07Shannon Derosa, Jessica MimsSave the World: One Biome at a Time
12/20/07Tamara Eckloff, Ebony JonesBiodiversity/Human Effects
12/20/07Mike Sonntag, James O'Shea, Bryan SargusCrowded Crust: How Overpopulation is Affecting the World Around Us.