Queens College
Division of Education
Secondary Education and Youth Services

Science Education Program

SEYS 777

Prof. Brian Murfin



(Read Chaps. 1, 4, Mertler & Charles)

Using a database in CUNY + or other reference system,  find a published study in an area of research interest that you might consider for possible study this semester.  If possible, make a hard copy of it or copy it to a disk. 

For your study or report answer as many of the sections below as possible. See Chaps 1 and 2 for definition of terms used  (a-e).  

a. Title of study and the journal (name, vol., m/yr of publication, pages) 

b. Type of study:        1. Qualitative or quantitative

                                  2. Method: Experimental or non-experimental, other.

                                        If “other” why not experimental or non-experimental?

c. What was the research problem? Purpose of the study?  Data sources?  

d. Analysis of data:  How was the data collected?   How was the data analyzed?

   Describe the data in your study. Make use of the following terms:


    Quantitative:  Which measures, if any, were used?

             Measures of central tendency B Mean, median, mode

             Other: Standard deviation, percentiles, frequencies, significance levels

             Group comparison  (if two/more different groups are examined, or if the same group

             is studied under two or more different circumstances, was a statistical test used? (Y/N)

             e.g.  t-test,  analysis of variance (ANOVA), analysis of covariance (ANCOVA) (Y/N)

              Relationship of one variable in a group to another variable? (Y/N)

              e.g. coefficient of correlation r  (Y/N)

     Qualitative: Results were simply described without arithmetical references.

             Survey or questionnaire reports; interview case studies; verbal transcriptions 

e. Identify: Theoretical framework of report/study, related studies or data cited in the

    introduction providing background for study. This is often found at the beginning of the

     research paper in the first section of the document.  Describe sections found in the research


Note: Bring a copy or an outline of the sample study to class for discussion.  A one-page response to the questions (a-e) responses due 9/19/07. (e-mail or hard copy). 

In your write-up, please conclude with a critique:  In your opinion, did the study adequately

answer the question or problem it set out to investigate?  Please cite evidence for your answer.