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Brian's Class Materials- FALL 2008 - SEYS 362

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Queens College/CUNY
Education Unit
Fall 2008

Here is your big chance...

You have just been appointed the Chancellor of New York City public schools. Your first act in office will be to reform science education in the city. Before deciding on a plan of action you and your fellow educators will need to answer the following questions:

1) You have no budgetary constraints at all and you can order any equipment and materials you wish. Describe the ideal secondary school science classroom and laboratory.

2) Give 3 different examples of well-planned, highly effective secondary science lessons. You can make these up or describe actual lessons you have experienced.

3) What could be done to interest more college students in science teaching careers in secondary schools?

Please divide yourselves in groups of 3 to 4 people and discuss the following questions. You have 30 minutes to arrive at your answers and then a spokesman from each group will present their results to the class.