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Brian's Class Materials- FALL 2008 - SEYS 362

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Fall 2008

"Are Women Stronger Than Men"  (Liem, 1992, p. 326) - This activity is from Tik Liem's 1992 book, "Invitations to Science Inquiry".  Unfortunately, last time I checked it was out of print.

Instructional objectives:  
Materials:  a light straight back chair or stool, access to a wall


  1. Students can work in male and female pairs or small groups, as long as there is a male and female in each group.
  2. Pace exactly two foot-lengths from the wall and make a mark.
  3. The person who did the pacing should stand behind that mark.
  4. Bend over with a straight back, and turn in the hips.  Let your head lean against the wall.  
  5. List the chair while your head is still learning against the wall.
  6. While holding the chair up in the air, attempt to straighten and stand up.  (Men cannot do this while women can.)

  1. Why can girls or women straighten up and boys or men cannot?
  2. Who is really the "weaker" sex?
  3. What is the difference in the body structure of males and females?
  4. Where is the center of gravity located in the human body?
  5. What is the average show or foot size of males versus females?
  6. How is the center of gravity important in everyday life?