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Brian's Class Materials- FALL 2008 - SEYS 362

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Fall 2008

The Mystery Object!

Mystery Object!

Dr. Brian Murfin

1)     You have been given an object.  We have no idea what this object is, it may even be of extraterrestrial origin.  Examine it carefully, and make sure to use all of your senses.  Pass it around the room. Carefully write down your observations and make a sketch of the object.

2)     Now we need one brave soul to dissect it.  Make a longitudinal cut through the object.   Examine the interior of the object, make a careful labelled drawing, and record your observations.

3)     If you dare, smell and taste some of the material from inside the object (don't worry it won't hurt you).  Describe the taste and smell as accurately as you can. Continue on the back of the page if necessary.

4)     Based on your observations, what do you think this object is?  Explain your answer.

5)     Livings things have adaptations which help them to survive.

6)     Please list any other comments or questions you have about this object.


7) How could this object be utilized in the teaching of science? Please give specific examples.