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Science Fun

Brian's Class Materials- SPRING 2009 - SEYS 753

Extra Credit

Extra Credit Assignment (Maximum 20 points)

Use image editing and graphic design software to produce a "visual confection" (a term used by Edward Tufte), related to a science concept.  For examples, take a look at the Science Cribsheets from SEED magazine.

Your final product must be colorful, creative, and eye-catching, and also communicate a science concept in an effective way.  


You could design a poster with the same criteria above that promotes a specific example of multicultural science.  For example, you might design a poster to explain the scientific contributions of a famous African-American scientist, Hispanic-American scientist, Asian Scientist, etc.

Possible tools you might want to use are:
  • The Gimp
  • GimpShop
  • Dia
  • Blender