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Brian's Class Materials- FALL 2009 - SEYS 362

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Queens College/CUNY
Education Unit
Fall 2009

Today's Technology Tasks!

  1. Login to ScienceMOO as a guest.  Please use the Old ScienceMOO (Unfortunately, there are some technical difficulties and the newer version of ScienceMOO is not available at the moment). ScienceMOO is an example of a  virtual learning environment.  Request a character if you don't have one already.
  2. Browse the Guided Tour to Science Education Starting Points on the Web
    1. Make sure to visit NSTA, NARST , AAAS , NAS , NASA
    2. New York City Board of Education
  3. Locate sources of lesson plans on the web .
  4. Do an ERIC search on a topic of interest.
  5. Check out
  6. Develop an idea for a science activity that uses data obtained from the web and post it on the discussion board in BlackBoard.  The sites below may help you to get started"