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Brian's Class Materials- FALL 2009 - SEYS 753

Assignment 5

Assignment 5 – Grant proposal to fund a project that makes innovative use of technology in science education,

Due Date
- 12/10/2009

Possible Points - 10

How to Submit -
Instructions for Assignment 5
  1. This is an individual assignment, not a group assignment.  
  2. Go through the tutorial
  3. Sign up for a account (make sure you are eligible.  If you aren't you can still do a mock proposal.)
Scoring Guidelines

Your proposal should include the following:
  • Title of your project (1 point)
  • Goals of your project (2 points)
  • Budget - Amount requested and materials you wish to purchase (1 point)
  • Procedure - How will you carry out your project? (2 points)
  • What will the students do with the resources you have requested (2 points)
  • Evaluation:  How will you determine whether your project is successful or not? (2 points)
Please note:  If you are submitting your proposal to or to another funding agency, make sure that you follow all of funding source's guidelines before submitting.
You can receive a maximum of 10 points for this assignment.