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Brian's Class Materials- Spring 2010 - SEYS 753

Queens College/CUNY

Education Unit

List of Useful Open Source Software

I have listed some very useful open source software applications that will help you to complete your projects in this course.  Unfortunately, you probably will not be able to install these in our lab, Kiely 115.  However, you are free to install these at home on your own personal computer.  I will demonstrate how to install these in class.  

Codysafe -
Install this on a USB drive and then you can install any software applications you like, take them with you, and use them with any computer.

Google Chrome - This is a Beta version of a new web browser.  It is extremely fast and has a clean design.  Definitely try it out, especially since we will be using Google Docs.

Firefox (Please note that there are many very useful "add-on" and "extensions" that can install with your Firefox web browser.  We can't install these on Firefox in the lab, but you can install these at home.

7-Zip (this allows you to open files that have the .zip extension)

CamStudio - This allows you to record your computer screen and edit it later.

FWink -  free webcam software

the GIMP - this is image editing software that is a great free alternative to Adobe Photoshop

Kompozer - This is an HTML editor and web authoring tool.  I highly recommend you install it.  It is very useful for creating web pages.

Audacity - This is free sound editing software.

Stellarium - This is an open source planetarium software application.




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