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FALL 2011 - SEYS 562

Assignment 4

Assignment 4 – Exemplary Science Web Resources - "A Bit of Merlot"

Due Date
- 12/12011

Possible Points - 20

How to Submit -
  • Use a word processor to type your review.  Make sure to save frequently and to always back up your work in different locations.  Always make sure that your name, the date, the assignment number and course number are at the top of the page on your assignment.  
  • Copy and paste the text of your review into a message on the discussion board in BlackBoard.  This is what will be graded.  
  • After you have posted on the discussion board, submit backup copies in the following ways:
    • Copy and paste the text of your assignment into a Google document and share it with
    • Upload your Word document or equivalent using the Assignments link in BlackBoard.  Please do not submit pdf files.  
  • Keep electronic and paper copies for your records.
Instructions for Assignment 4
  1. This is an individual assignment.
  2. Visit the web site and sign up for a free account.
  3. Create a personal collection of at least 5 exemplary web sites related to the area/s of science you will teach.  Add comments for each site you add to your collection.  In your comments describe how you could use this site to enhance a science lesson.  Be as specific as possible, e.g. I could use this to teach the topic of mitosis in a Living Environment class.
  4. When your collection is complete, post the url to your Merlot personal collection on the Discussion Board in BlackBoard.
Scoring Guidelines 2 points for each site and comment, maximum of 10 points