Tonight's class will take place in ScienceMOO and BigBlueButton

Introduction to tonight's online lesson: 

Make sure to read through the instructions on how to use ScienceMOO and BigBlueButton BEFORE class.  Also test the computer and web browser you will be using BEFORE our online class.  BigBlueButton tips:  Try to make sure that your computer can play sound, that way you will be able to hear me speaking.  You can use the speakers in your computer or plugin earphones or headphones.  If you have a microphone you will be able to ask questions and talk in BigBlueButton.

I recommend that you open up at least four tabs in your web browser (you can do this by pressing the CTRL T keys).  (You can check out this screencast if you aren't sure about this.) (Higher resolution screencast in avi format)

If you need to do a google search or visit another website, you can press CTRL T to open another tab.
  1. Part 1 - Login to ScienceMOO (Please use Firefox or Chrome).  If you need your ScienceMOO account information, email me at  If you cannot login with your account, you can login as a guest without a password.  

  2. Part 2 - IMPORTANT:  Now we are going to use BigBlueButton for this part of our online lesson.  Leave your ScienceMOO session open in its own tab, just in case there is a problem with BigBlueButton. 
  3. Part 3 - Practical applications of Linux - Ubuntu
  4. Part 4 - Comparison of Online Lessons and Face to Face lessons
  5. Part 5 - Work on group video project - Go back to ScienceMOO and meet with your group to discuss your group project.  Each group can sit at a table.  If you have questions let me know.