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Brian's Class Materials- FALL 2012 - SEYS 362

SEYS 362 Home

Queens College/CUNY
Education Unit
Fall 2012

Assessment Activity

Part 1 - Complete Assignment 8 - Take a Regents Science exam in your area of science.  Please try to do this before our class this Wednesday.  You can print out an exam from the following linkInstructions for Assignment 8

Part 2  - Complete the WebQuest on Assessment and Science Education

Form a group of two to four people.  Visit this webquest link and follow the instructions.  Post your group's responses on the Discussion Board in BlackBoard.  You can copy and paste the questions from the webquest into your posting.  

Part 3 - Carry out a critical review of a Regents Exam
your area of science or an Intermediate Science exam.

The goal of this activity is for you to work as a group to review a science exam related to your area of interest and grade level.  You can choose a Regents Science Exam or the Intermediate Science Exam for middle school.  Answer the questions below and post your answers on the BlackBoard discussion forum.  Include the names of the members of your group and the questions.  You can copy and paste the questions into the BlackBoard posting. 

  1. Browse the following web sites and then pick an exam to review: 
  2. Name of the exam you are reviewing -
  3. Provide the url to the exam on the web.
  4. Who takes this exam, i.e. what grade levels, is it required?
  5. Define validity.
  6. Define reliability.
  7. Is the exam you are reviewing valid, why or why not?
  8. Is the exam you are reviewing reliable, why or why not?
  9. What is meant by an "objective" test?
  10. What are the different types of traditional tests?
  11. Is this test biased?  Why or why not?  Give specific examples. 
  12. What is meant by item difficulty?
  13. What is meant by item discrimination? 
  14. Give examples of some test items with high and low difficulty?  Where are they located in the exam?
  15. Give some examples of test items that discriminate well and not very well?
  16. If there is an item analysis of your exam available post the link. Check the NYS Office of Assessment web site.
  17. Construct at least two multiple choice items for your exam. 
  18. What are some strategies that you  could use to help your students succeed on the Regents exam?   Hint:  Take a look at this web site
  19. Any other comments on the exam. 
  20. During the second part of tonight's class, we will discuss alternatives to standardized testing.