Required lesson plan format

(Please remember is a format we are using in our science methods course.  You may wish to add other information depending on the type of activity.  In the real world, you can use this format, modify it, or use a completely different one.  In fact, some New York City schools use a format that they call the "Workshop Model" and you can find out more about it at this link.  Please DO NOT use the Workshop model for your lesson plans for this course.)

Your name:


Title of the lesson:


Grade level/s:

Science or Math background material for the teacher:

Instructional Objectives:

National Science Education Standards, NYC Performance Standards (high school)  (middle school) for Science, met by this lesson:


Safety Precautions (if necessary):


  1. motivation:
  2. advance organizer (if appropriate)
  3. Describe your procedure step by step
  4. Include discussion questions and possible answers at appropriate points in the lesson plan.
  5. Closure

Adaptations for students with disabilities:

Multicultural Connections:

Possible ways technology might be incorporated:

Assessment (How would you assess whether the students have accomplished the objectives?)

Extension activities: