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Brian's Class Materials- FALL 2011 - SEYS 562

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Queens College/CUNY
Education Unit
Fall 2011


This activity has several purposes:
-1) to provide an opportunity to model cooperative learning
2) to practice such social skills as cooperative problem-solving, encouraging, giving directions without dominating, explaining, having everyone participate
3) to practice roles
4) to use all materials to create a unique object

1) leader: keeps group on task, makes sure everyone participates
2) coach: praises others in the group and gives them support
3) materials handler: collects the materials from the rear table and handles them. **This is the only person in the group who can touch the materials.
4) checker: makes sure everyone in the group agrees with procedures before they are carried out

Using the materials in the plastic baggie -- and only those materials, the group must create a Thingmajig. All group members are expected to generate ideas and to offer suggestions and give directions to the materials handler. Only the materials handler may use the materials to build/create the Thingamajig; the rest of the group participates orally. The group has to decide on the creation of the Thingamajig and to provide a rationale for their choice to the rest of the class.

The group whose Thingamajig is judged best by a team of judges will be awarded 3 extra credit points. Each member of the group will receive 3 points. The group receiving second place will receive 2 points for each individual member. Other groups will receive 1 point per group member for participation and cooperation.
**at any time