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Science Education Program

SEYS 777                                                            Dr. Brian Murfin

Research Seminar I - Review of Literature Presentation

Scoring Guidelines

Research Seminar I - Review of Literature Presentation


TITLE: ________________________________________________


Name: _________________________________________________


___ Content (10 points)

·         the scope of the research project  is clearly stated

·         the content for each study/research topic that is presented is aligned with the proposal

·         the selected studies in the presentation have a clear connection to a research question, topic or area of investigation

·         selected studies are from respected research journals, documents or texts

·         the presentation presents outcomes and summarizes conclusions in general rather than present individual studies 

__ Visual Presentation of Slides/Powerpoint/Overheads/Other visual aids (5 points)

·         visually appealing (clear, easy to understand, interpret) 

·         each visual well designed

·         logical sequence of the visual aids

·         efficient use of PowerPoint

·         appropriate implementation of all visual elements

___  Presentation (10 points)

·         good eye contact with the audience

·         good communication skills

·         demonstrated good level of understanding of topic

·         responded knowledgeably to questions, comments

·         stayed within the time limit

Total Points (25)___________