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FALL 2013 - SEYS 362

Assignment 7

Assignment 7 - Unit Plan including assessment

Due Date - Week 15 - 12/5/2013

Possible Points - 100

How to Submit -
  • Use a word processor to type your assignment.  Make sure to save frequently and to always back up your work in different locations.  Always make sure that your name, the date, the assignment number and course number are at the top of the page on your assignment.  
  • Copy and paste the text of your review into a message on the discussion board in BlackBoard.  This is what will be graded.  
  • After you have posted on the discussion board, submit backup copies in the following ways:
    • Copy and paste the text of your assignment into a Google document and share it with
    • Upload your Word document or equivalent using the Assignments link in BlackBoard.  Please do not submit pdf files.  
  • Keep electronic and paper copies for your records
Instructions for Assignment 6

This assignment is intended to give you valuable experience in planning, and also the opportunity to locate, modify and develop science learning activities and assessment that will prove useful to you in the future.  You can consult books, curricula, existing lesson plans and other resources, however you must cite all sources that you have used.  All of your lesson plans should be typed in the required lesson plan format.  You can scan in other supporting materials but the whole unit should be in electronic format, preferably a Word document.  If you have questions or need ideas, please let me know.

Your unit plan should be a complete package that includes the following:

IMPORTANT:  Your unit plan should also contain the following:

  • Activities that involve applications of science in the community
  • Unit Plan includes socially relevant issues and discusses social context of science
  • Unifying concepts of science
More Information on unit plans:
Unit plan
Unit plan basics
Unit plan rubric

Useful resources:

Scoring Guidelines