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Science Fun

Halloween Science

Holidays provide a great way to spark interest in science.  You can look at the various features of the holiday and then try to link these to science concepts, skills, techniques or ideas. In this page we will use Halloween as an example. 

  1. Jot down a list of all the things that come to mind when you think of Halloween.  Here are a few examples:  spiders and cobwebs, bats, vampires, pumpkins, jack o lanterns, witches on brooms, the color orange, costumes, ghosts.  You can also do some research on the history of Halloween to come up with ideas.
  2. The next step would be to try and come up with science activities related to the different Halloween ideas.  for example, why are pumpkins orange?  
  3. Do some research on pumpkins.
  4. This could lead to many different activities, e.g.  use chromatography to isolate the orange pigments from pumpkin flesh
  5. Now do some searching for activities related to Halloween and the various ideas you came up with.  Here are a few examples:
  6. Tonight's spooky pre-Halloween activity:
    • Turn out the lights and use a Jack-o-Lantern image (Creative Commons licensed images from as your sole source of light
    • You could have inserted your jack o lantern image on a blog post or web page and then have a student come up to the smartboard and "click" on the jack o lantern to bring up the Halloween sound effects such as creaking doors, etc.:Jack o lantern
    • This photo is from