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Welcome to the ScienceSim@QC Help Page

3D virtual worlds have been in existence for years.  You have probably heard of Second Life, a virtual world that charges users for virtual land and goods.  Many schools, businesses and other organizations set up islands and communities in Second Life but recently there has been a move towards open source substitutes.  One example of an open source 3D virtual world application is OpenSim. 

I have set up a standalone OpenSim server, ScienceSim@QC, for QC Science Education students to explore.  In order to use ScienceSim, you will need to have a computer that can handle 3D graphics, and you will also need to download a client program.  In our case, I recommend the Hippo OpenSim Viewer.  You can download Hippo here

After downloading and installing the Hippo viewer, you should launch the Hippo viewer.  The first thing you need to do is to add ScienceSim@QC to the list of grids on the menu by following these steps:
  1. Click on the Grids button
  2. Next to select a grid, click on the add a grid button.
  3. For Login uri enter
  4. For Grid nickname, type in ScienceSim@QC
  5. For Grid name, enter ScienceSim@QC
  6. Click on apply, and then OK
Your next step is to login.  Go to Quick Grid select and choose "ScienceSim@QC"

Enter your first and last name (Make sure to capitalize your first and last name) and your password. 

Click login.  If everything goes well, you will be in Science Island surrounded by a variety of trees.  The default avatar is female, so the male students will have to go through a variety of steps to change your gender

ScienceSim is a brand-new virtual world, born on 11/2/2010.  If you are interested in learning more about ScienceSim and how to build and create objects, check out these links: