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Brian's Class Materials- SPRING 2010 - SEYS 753

Assignment 4

Assignment 4 – Critical review of an educational technology book from the list of recommended books

Due Date
- 5/6/2010

Possible Points - 10

How to Submit -
  • Post on  the Discussion board in BlackBoard
  • In BlackBoard, click on the "Assignments" link.  Next find the correct assignment number and click on "View/Complete Assignment".  Put your name and the assignment number in the "Comments" Box, "Choose" your file, and then "Submit".
  • You DO NOT need to hand in a paper copy.
Instructions for Assignment 4
  1. This is an individual assignment, not a group assignment.  
  2. Browse through the Educational technology reading list and pick a book to read and review.  You DO NOT HAVE TO BUY THE BOOK.  Many of these books are in the Queens College library or you could borrow them from a public library.  If you would like to purchase the book you might be able to get a used copy from or from the Strand bookstore.
  3. If you would like to read a educational technology book that is not on the reading list, you must get the approval of the instructor.  
Scoring Guidelines

Your review should include the following:
  • Bibliographic information in APA style (1 point)
  • Goals of the book (1 point)
  • Strengths (2 points)
  • Weaknesses (2 points)
  • Implications for education in general, and for science education (2 points)
  • How might you use what you've learned in your use of technology in your teaching (2 points)
You can receive a maximum of 10 points for this assignment.