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Brian's Class Materials- SPRING 2011- SEYS 767.3

Assignment 4

Assignment 4Online interactive science quiz or test

Due Date - 3/31/2011

Possible Points - 10

How to Submit -
  • Always make sure that your name, the date, the assignment number and course number are at the top of your assignment.  
  • Copy and paste the following information on your online, interactive science assessment into a posting on the discussion board in BlackBoard:
    • What skills or knowledge are being assessed?
    • Source of the assessment questions (Original, or cite the source of the activity)
    • the URL's of your online, interactive science assessment
    • Include your name and the Assignment number in the subject heading of your post.
  • Copy and paste the text of your assignment into a Google document and share it with
  • Upload your Word document or equivalent using the Assignments in BlackBoard.  Please do not submit pdf files.  
  • Keep electronic and paper copies for your records.
Instructions for Assignment 4

Your task is to include an online, interactive science assessment related to a topic in your online science course.  For example, you develop a quiz using past Regents type questions on a topic in your course.   Moodle has a variety of modules that can do this, although it might be simplest to use the quiz feature.  You should include a link to the assessment in Moodle and from your Google web site, along with any instructions needed by the students to complete the assessment.  Make sure that the assessment can stand on its own and that enough information is provided to the students.
Scoring Guidelines
  • URL's  to the assessment in Moodle and to it on theGoogle website (2)
  • Description of skills and knowledge that are being assessed (2)
  • Scoring guidelines or rubric, correct answers  (2)
  • Adequate instructions provided for the students (2)
  • Sources cited (1)
  • Usability (1)