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Brian's Class Materials- SPRING 2013 - SEYS 382

Assignment 2

Assignment 2 – Describe in detail the classroom learning environment where you are student teaching. (Physical environment, students, teacher, class rules, contracts, atmosphere, textbooks, review books, other)

Due Date - 3/7/2013

Possible Points - 10

How to Submit -
  • Always make sure that your name, the date, the assignment number and course number are at the top of the page on your assignment.  
  • Copy and paste your text into a posting on the discussion board in BlackBoard.  Include your name and the Assignment number in the subject heading of your post.
  • Copy and paste the text of your assignment into a Google document and share it with
  • Upload your Word document or equivalent using the Assignments in BlackBoard.  Please do not submit pdf files.  
  • Keep electronic and paper copies for your records.
Instructions for Assignment 2

Use thick description to paint a picture of the classroom learning environment.  Make sure to include the
  • physical environment, e.g. layout, furniture, decorations, lighting (2)
  • students, (1)
  • teacher, (1)
  • class rules, (1)
  • safety contracts and procedures, equipment, (1)
  • classroom climate and atmosphere, (1)
  • textbooks, (1)
  • review books, and (1)
  • any other features or aspects that are important.  (1)

Scoring Guidelines

Points as allocated above with a maximum of 10 points.