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Brian's Class Materials- SPRING 2013 - SEYS 582

In this course, you are required to complete FIVE assignments.  The assignments are spread out over the sixteen weeks so that you should have plenty of time to complete each one.  Each assignment is graded as either satisfactory or unsatisfactory, with extra points possible for exceptional work.  

Assignment Description Instructions How to Submit Scoring Guidelines Due
Possible Points
Assignment 1 –  Write a short description of the school, the community, the student body and the faculty.   Assignment 
1 instructions
How to submit
Assignment 1
Scoring guidelines
2/14/2013 20 (5 points each)
Assignment 2 –  – Describe in detail the classroom learning environment where you are student teaching. (Physical environment, students, teacher, class rules, contracts, atmosphere, textbooks, review books, other) Assignment 
2 instructions
How to submit
Assignment 2
Scoring guidelines
3/7/2013 10 points
Assignment 3 - Science Research Project
Assignment 3 instructions
How to submit
Assignment 3 scoring guidelines
Assignment 4Student Learning in Science Report Assignment 
  4 instructions
How to submit Assignment 4
Assignment 4
Scoring guidelines
5/9/2013 16 points

Assignment 5 –  Digital portfolio of examples of your work.  Sign up to for a free account to create a portfolio and Professional Development plan. Assemble a copy of your digital portfolio using labeled files and folders and burn on a DVD.

Assignment 5  instructions How to submit

Assignment 5
Scoring guidelines
5/16/2013 10 points
Participation – Active participation in all class activities.  Participation
Not applicable
Entire semester 20