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Brian's Class Materials- Spring 2014 - SEYS 562

Assignment 5

The Safety courses are located here:


Assignment 5High School or Middle School Safety Course completed

Due Date - Week 14

Possible Points - 20

How to Submit -

You must complete either the  Flinn Scientific High School Safety Course or the Flinn Middle School Safety Course.  Make sure to print out a copy of your certificate and to save an electronic copy also.  Submit the digital copy of your certificate using the Assignments link in Blackboard and using Chalk and Wire. 

Instructions for Assignment 5

Visit the Flinn Lab Safety website:

Choose either the High School or Middle School course and sign up for a free account. 

Complete the entire safety course. 

Print out a copy of your certificate.  Submit a digital copy of your certificate as evidence of successful completion of the course via the assignments link in Blackboard and in Chalk and Wire. 

Scoring Guidelines Successful completion of the safety course is required to pass this class.  20 points maximum