The Secondary Science Education Program

Important Questions to Consider Prior to Teaching


All Secondary Science Education Majors Should Embrace the Development of Scientific Thinking.  Any Decisions that Are Made with the Use of Scientific Thinking Require Evidence. Therefore, The Secondary Science Education Mantra is Simply Stated: “As Evidenced By.”



Component 1: Planning for Instruction


1.      What is the Central Focus of the Lesson?

2.      How Will Your Knowledge of Your Students Inform Your Teaching?

3.      How Will You Support Students’ Science Learning?

4.      How Will You Support Science Development through the Use of Language?

5.      What Methods Will You Employ to Monitor Student Learning?


Component 2: Instructing and Engaging Students in Learning


1.      How Will You Foster a Positive Learning Environment?

2.      What Methods did You Employ to Engage Students in Learning?

3.      What Methods did You Use to Deepen Student Learning during Instruction?

4.      How and Why Will You Analyze Your Teaching?


Component 3: Assessing Student Learning


1.      How Will You Analyze Student Learning?

2.      What Feedback Will You Provide to Guide Further Learning?

3.      What Evidence From the Lesson Can You Supply to Demonstrate the Students’ Understanding and of Use Academic Language?

4.      How Will You Use Assessment to Inform Instruction?