Master of Science in Secondary Science Teacher Education

Program Description

The M.S. in Secondary Science Education is designed for teachers who have an Initial New York State Teaching Certificate in science. The M.S. degree consists of 30 graduate credits divided equally between advanced professional education courses and graduate courses in the traditional sciences.

Admission Requirements

To be admitted to the M.S. in Secondary Science Education Program candidates must meet the following criteria:

'Hold an undergraduate degree in science or science education with a minimum GPA of3.0 or equivalent,

'Have a NYS Initial Certificate to teach secondary science.


Program of Study

Candidates admitted to the M.S. in Secondary Science Education Program take 15 credits of SEYS 701 + level graduate education courses and 15 credits of graduate science courses in traditional science areas. Nine of these graduate science credits must be in the candidate’s science content area of initial certification.  In addition, candidates must file a Program of Study Form, which must be up-dated each academic year of matriculation

M.S Courses in Secondary Education

Course Number



Select one from:

Educational Foundations


SEYS 702
SEYS 703
SEYS 704
SEYS 706
SEYS 707
SEYS 720

A History of Ideas in Education

  The History of Education in the United States

Philosophies of Education

The Philosophy of Teaching

School and Society

Introduction to Comparative Education

Major issues in Education

The Education of Immigrant’s Children in the United States

Select one from:

Educational Psychology


SEYS 710 SEYS 717 SEYS 718 SEYS 719 SEYS 738 SEYS 768

The Psychology of Adolescents

Learning Theory in Education

Classroom Management

Understanding Group Behavior and Cultural Differences in Schools
The Teaching Process

Measurement and Evaluation in Education.

Select one from:

Curriculum & Methods Courses in Science Education


SEYS 753 SEYS 754
SEYS 767.3

Computer Applications in Science Education Curriculum Innovations in Science Education Workshop: Enhancing Enquiry in Science Instruction

SEYS 777
SEYS 778

Educational Research


Research in Science Education [I] (*** Fall ONLY ***)

Research in Science Education [II] (*** Spring ONLY ***)



M.S. Courses in Science

This refers to graduate course work in Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science (Geology) and/or Physics undertaken by a candidate to fulfill his/her science content requirement. Candidates in the M.S. in Secondary Science Education must satisfy science content requirements that are determined with the science department adviser. Science content requirement refers to graduate science course work that a candidate undertakes in his/her field of certification. However, with written permission from his/her science advisor, a candidate may take graduate science coursework outside the certification area. Where possible, course work should incorporate understanding of the unifying concepts and processes in science, scientific processes and inquiry, science and its relationships to society, science and technology, and the history of science. A total of fifteen (15) graduate credits must be taken to satisfy the content requirement. Nine of these graduate science credits must be in the candidate’s science content area of initial certification. 

To remain in the masters program, candidates are required to maintain a minimum GPA of 3.0. To obtain a Permanent/Professional New York State Teacher Certification, candidates must successfully complete their degree requirements and meet all New York State regulations for the Permanent/Professional Teaching Certificate (see for further information about Permanent/Professional Certification).


Dr. Stephen Farenga (Program Director)

(718) 997-5195

Powdermaker Hall, Room 150V

Dr. Brian Murfin

(718) 997-5066

Powdermaker Hall Room 135C