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How do I apply to the Graduate Initial Certificate Program?

     Apply online at the QC website:  The deadline for fall consideration is    April 15.  The deadline for spring consideration is Nov. 1.

What are the requirements for the graduate certification program?

    A potential candidate must have a minimum gpa of 3.0 (baccalaureate or latest degree), have majored in a traditional science, or have at least 21 credits in one science discipline. The balance of the required science credits (36 credits, total, with 30 of the 36 credits in one discipline) must be taken before a candidate is approved for certification. The balance of the science courses are taken before or along with the certification courses.

What are the requirements for staying in the SEYS teacher certification program?

      A candidate must earn a minimum letter grade of B in every secondary education course. To be approved for certification, a candidate must successfully complete the sequence of courses below and have taken at least 36 credits of science, of which 30 credits must be in one science discipline.

When does student teaching begin?

   There are two phases of student teaching. The initial clinical experience (ICE) takes place generally at a middle-jr high school in the fall.  To qualify for ICE, you must have taken 536, 700 and likely, 552.

    You must have a minimum of 100 hrs of documented fieldwork completed. ICE consists of 100 hours of phased-in teaching experiences with 1 or 2 other science ed. candidates, under the guidance of a cooperating science teacher and field supervisor.  The second, more intense phase of  student teaching takes place generally at a high school in the spring. To qualify, you must have successfully completed all courses except for SEYS 572.4 and SEYS 582.  You will spend 15 weeks, 5 days/week,  4hours/day, at the school under the guidance of a cooperating teacher and field supervisor. 












Course Number




SEYS 536

Educational Foundations


30+ hours

SEYS 700

Language, Literacy and Culture in Education


30+ hours

SEYS 552
(Pre-requisites 536 & SEYS 700)


  Educational Psychology


30+ hours
in middle school


Foundations of Special Education



SEYS 562

Seminar in the Teaching of Science in Middle and High Schools      (Fall ONLY )


30 hours

SEYS 572.2

Middle School or High School Initial Clinical Experience (Fall ONLY )


100 hours

SEYS 572

(Co-requisite 582)

Student Teaching in Science for High School and/ or Middle School ( Spring ONLY)


See description





SEYS 582
(Co-requisite 572)

Standards-Based Curriculum and Assessment in Teaching Science       (Spring ONLY )


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Dr. Stephen Farenga (Program Director)

(718) 997-5195

Powdermaker Hall, Room 150V

Dr. Brian Murfin

(718) 997-5066

Powdermaker Hall Room 135C




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