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About this website

I designed this website in late 2013 / early 2014 and updated it in late 2016. I thought that my page needed to be refreshed, and I was ready to learn CSS. What better way to learn than to fail repeatedly? I wanted my home page to reflect my design and usability sensibilities. I hope that the new layout will help me in my goal to become a better popularizer of mathematics.

The following resources were helpful in designing this page.

  • CODROPS!!!!. This is an amazing source of inspiration, giving example after example of excellent CSS and javascript ideas. In particular, I modified Original Hover Effects in order to create the animations on the list of current courses, and I used bits and pieces from many other tutorials. I suggest browsing through the tutorials and the blueprints. These pages feature both complete working examples and in-depth discussions of the source code. I wholeheartedly recommend this site!
  • 75 amazing uses of HTML5. I found Codrops through this list of 75 HTML5 examples. The whole list is worth a browse.
  • Brackets!! In order to do my html / CSS editing, I needed an editor. Brackets is amazing. It helps to keep the whole site organized, and editing the relevant CSS from inside the HTML file takes the cake!
  • simonpicos's CSS Image Slider. This was the template that I modified to create my homepage animation image slider.
  • StackOverflow Question on Aspect Ratio. This page helped me understand image scaling in CSS.
  • Subtle Patterns. This is where I found the background for my website. Thank you to Kerstkaarten.
  • Dabblet. Do you want to try out and share snippets of CSS and HTML? Use Dabblet.
  • w3schools.com. A link that gives basic information about CSS tags. It is often the first result on Google about CSS questions. And much of the time it is useful.
  • Mathematica. I made most site images using Mathematica. Mathematica is now free with purchase of a Raspberry Pi. (But otherwise very expensive!)
  • Google Fonts. I used Google Fonts to choose a two fonts that I liked; they load from the Google servers when you load my page. The fonts used on this page are Fenix and Source Sans Pro.

Thank you to the amazing people who selflessly provided this free content that allowed me to produce the website I wanted.

Feel free to contact me. My email inbox is over 99.9% open.