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Experimental Mathematics Lab
*Who says physical scientists get to have all the fun? And all the labs? I declare my office to be a laboratory!
Welcome to the Queens College Experimental Mathematics Laboratory!

Experimental mathematics means using computer software to generate all objects satisfying desired conditions. We then analyze this set of objects, leading to conjectures based on the collected data, and to insight that informs proof. While in other sciences, experiments give approximations, our experiments always give exact results. It's up to us to learn and prove what we can!

Prof. Hanusa supervises a few students every semester on these projects in the exp(ML). The best preparation to participate in projects is to take his Combinatorics class (Math 636) and to have some programming experience. Contact him directly if you are interested in joining the fun.

We do research in:
Combinatorics of Coxeter groups
Nonattacking chess piece placements
Mathematical Art
Madelung constants
More about Christopher Hanusa's research
2016: Arvind Mahankali
Fall 2015: Tamar Ehrenreich, Davida Popik, Riley Hanson
Spring 2015: Riley Hanson, Miriam Striks, Alex Yaroslavskiy, Roman Bohdanowycz
Summer-Fall 2013: Kirsten Berger, Matthew DeAndrade
Fall 2011-Spring 2012: Amy Lee, Michael Chon
Spring 2010: Michael Pandazis