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Welcome to Regents Living Environment.  
This is a full year, 1 credit course.  Throughout the year we will be exploring many topics related to biology.  Useful links and web resoures will posted, as well as project assignments.  Our class blog can also be found here where students will be required to contribute to our wonderful science discussion.
Let's have a great year!

Major Themes and Topics:

I.       Characterictics of Life
II.    Microscopes
III.   Biochemistry
IV.     Cell Structure/Function
V.       Photosynthesis
VI.     Cellular Respiration
VII.   Evolution
VIII. Human Body
IX.    Genetics
X.      Ecology

***Laboratory Requirements -
New York State mandates that a minimum of 30 hours of laboratory work be completed in a year in order to be eligible to participate in the LIVING ENVIRONMENT REGENTS EXAM in June.  Of the many labs we do in class, there are FOUR required laboratory activities designed by NYSED that will appear in Section D of the Regents exam in June.
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