A Peak into the Future:
Sciene of Aging Project

Eldery Muppets

The purpose of this assignment is to study, in depth, the diseases and disorders that affect the human body as we get older. 
Due to the onset of the senior boom, the elderly are living longer and there are less health care professionals to take care of them.  It is almost impossible to read the newspaper or watch TV without hearing about human diseases, new cures, drugs and treatments and the state of our health care system.
The key to aging well is to understand the diseases and conditions that afflict the elderly. 
To help our class better understand these diseases and conditions we will complete a “Science of Aging” project that includes the use of video podcast and other technology.   

Below are  links and documents that will help you be successful in the completing this project:
Science of Aging Lesson Plan
Student Handout
Science of Aging: Diseases Powerpoint

Here is an example of what a video podcast of the "Science of Aging" can look like!
Science of Aging video podcast