Under the Sea with Mr. Finz    


Welcome!  This website was created in order to help all Marine Science instructors that were just thrown into the mix without any materials at all.  First, I will give you some background.  I attended Stony Brook University for my undergrad and graduated with a degree in biology.  During my senior year, I decided that I wanted to teach high school, so I applied to the Initial Certification program at Queens College.  There I became certified in one year and with luck on my side, I received my first job.  My first year schedule involved 2 sections of Science 7R, 1 section of Science 7A, and 2 sections of 8R.  Overall, the year went rather smoothly.  I could not have been happier.  Then, it happened.  A veteran teacher put in for retirement.  He taught the Marine Science/Environmental Science curriculum.  Nobody wanted to teach these courses, so I got it.  I was thrown into the classroom without any materials and no knowledge of the curriculum.  I needed some sort of guideline to follow.  I discovered BBC's The Blue Planet Series.  It is an 8 episode series that explores all oceans and their inhabitants.  If you are a new teacher or just need some material, buy this series.  Explore the website and feel free to use any of the supplemental materials I uploaded.  Good Luck!


The Ocean World
The Frozen Seas
The Open Ocean

The rest is still to come!

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