Vocabulary Comparisons
Some times students understand concepts in ways we, as teachers, would have never have thought of. This section of the website is designed to provide teachers with student vocabulary comparisons to help explain concepts in new ways.

Most of these comparisons were created during study session held by my Special Education co-teaching partner.
  • Selectively Permeable = Your friend the picky eater
  • Accessory Organs of the Digestive System = Think Car Wash - Dirty Car ( food) moves through the car wash. As it moves dirt (food) is broken down physically by rags (teeth) and chemically by soap (enzymes from the pancreas and bile from the liver)
  • The Luggage Story of Ionic Bonding = Two inviduals arrive at an airport. Individual 1 paid for an extra bag and didn't need to bring one. Individual 2 didn't pay for an extra bag and needed to bring one. So they meet up Individual 1 offers to take Individual 2 bag on the plane.  Individual 1 gains a bag (negative ion). Idividual 2 loses a bag (positive ion). The two individuals need to stay together so they do not lose thier bags (Ionic Bond)
           *** I though this one was really confusing but to my suprised it worked for some                             students.
  • Amylase: My friend AMY wants to go on a diet. She eats way too many CARBS.