Graduate Students

Shuk Tsoi

Shuk Tsoi
Biology, Neurosciences Program, CUNY

Research: Neurogenesis in relation to memory in zebra finch NCM

Kimberly Page-Soto

Kimberly Page-Soto
Psychology, Neuropsychology, CUNY

Research: Central inflammation and microglia activation following exposure to mold in the mouse

Alice Perez

Alice Perez
Psychology, Neuropsychology, CUNY

Research: Striatal neurogenesis in Huntington’s Disease rat model

Undergraduate Researchers

Group Lab

Leen, Kobi, Petros, Shuk, Carolyn, Edna, Alice, Sissi
Front: Eva, Danielle, Shoshana, Erin

Group Lab
Sissi, Erin, Cami, Ariel, Danielle, Zvi, Alice, Kobi, Shoshana, Leen

Past Students

Graduate Students

Shanu George (2010-2011)
Masters in Biology, Queens College
Research: Adult neurogenesis is inversely correlated with song degradation in the zebra finch


Kobi Wasner (2011-2012)
Thesis: “Lateralized Adult Neurogenesis in Avian Auditory Cortex is Altered by Aberrant Song Feedback”
Currently in the Masters in Behavioral Neuroscience Program at Queens College, continuing this line of research.

Shoshana Korman (2010-2012)
Thesis: “Neuron Incorporation in the Song Motor Pathway is Associated with Song Motor Pattern Stability after Deafening in the Adult Zebra Finch”
Currently at Temple Medical School

Zvi Bushwick (2010-2011)
Thesis: “Lateralized NCM Neurogenesis in Unilaterally Deafened Adult Zebra Finches”

Erica Rodriguez (2009-2011)
Thesis: “The Effect of Adult Neurogenesis in a Central Motor Pathway by a Unilateral Peripheral Nerve Cut”
Currently a doctoral student at Duke University, Neuroscience Program.

Carole Parent (2009-2010)
Thesis: “Adult Neurogenesis in Relation to Neuron Death”
Currently a science writer in NY, LA, and Quebec

Sheeba Chacko (2007-2010)
Thesis: “Altered Sensory Feedback During Adult Song Production Increases New Neuron Incorporation into the Avian Basal Ganglia”
Currently at St. George’s Univeristy School of Medicine

Sarah Oberlander (2007-2010)
Thesis: “The Contribution of Early Social Environment to Singing Behavior, Mate Preference, and ZENK Expression in Taeniopygia guttata”
Currently a Biology teacher at Townsend Harris High School, Flushing NY

Sara Wildstein (2007-2010) Thesis: “Adult Neurogenesis in Relation to Behavior in Taeniopygia guttata”
Currently at Albert Einstein School of Medicine