Classification: grouping things together that are alike in some way

 Conglomerate: sedimentary rock made from pebbles and granite

 Coquina: sedimentary rock formed from sea shells that are cemented together

 Gneiss: metamorphic rock with bands of minerals

 Igneous rocks: rocks formed from the cooling of hot, melted materials

 Lava: Magma that comes through the earth’s surface

 Limestone: sedimentary rock made up of calcite

 Magma: melted rocks and minerals inside the earth

 Metamorphic rocks: Rocks formed when heat or pressure or both change other rocks

 Molten: melted

 Particle: a small piece of solid material

 Pressure: a pressing force

 Sandstone: sedimentary rock made of sand

 Schist: metamorphic rock showing minerals flattened into bands or sheets

 Sediment: solid material that settles to the bottom of a lake or ocean

 Sedimentary rocks: rocks formed by the cementing of small particles together

 Shale: sedimentary rock made from mud and clay

 Slate: metamorphic rock that forms from shale and that breaks into flat sheets

Texture: the size of the crystals in a rock