Sea Turtle
This is the beginning of a new school year
and this website is to help you understand
and comply with what is expected of you.
This extends to parents as well.
A formal contract will be given out in
class that is to be signed by you and your
parent.  It is to be returned to me by Monday.
This is a regents level course!
Do now wait for an unsatisfactory grade
on a quiz or a test before seeking help.
Extra Help is available and encouraged.

Materials Needed:  1)  1" binder
                            2)  pen (blue or black)
                            3)  #2 pencils
                            4)  folder

Extra help:  Mondays 3 - 3:40 p.m.

Grades:  1)  Tests          -  given at end of each unit
             2)  Quizzes       -  multiple, given during each unit
             3)  Classwork   -  including note taking
             4)  Projects      -  each marking period
             5)  Homework  - collected sporadically, will deduct from grade if missing
             6)  Lab             - mandtory, to be able to sit for regents (NO EXCEPTIONS!)

Helpful Sites: