Title:Cyber Science

Goals: The goal of using this technology is to enhance my students understand of human anatomy and physiology, microbiology, and ecology through interactive 3D visual learning.

Budget: To purchase this software we will need to raise $250. It is a onetime payment and once the software is downloaded, it may be transferred to additional computers for other teachers use.

Procedure: Throughout the year, I will make use of this technology by incorporating it into my lesson plans. Because the material available on Cyber Science 3D is so comprehensive, I will be able to reference it often. I will use Cyber science to reinforce abstract concepts in science that are more easily understood when experienced firsthand.

Students: Students will be able to demonstrate their understanding of current topics using Cyber Science 3D by explaining the processes they are observing in their own words. Having a visual makes it easier to conceptualize what it happening and convert that knowledge into understanding.

Evaluation: Students will be evaluated on their knowledge of information taught by using Cyber Science 3D in for form of an exam. The exams will be largely short answer essays and critical thinking questions as this is the type of thinking I will be trying to elicit by using this technology.