Welcome to my Website Portfolio
    Albert Einstein
"Imagination is more
important than
-Albert Einstein-

Niels Bohr

"Your theory is crazy,
but not it's not crazy
enough to be true."
-Niels Bohr-


"Ignorance more
frequently begets
confidence than does knowledge: it it those
who know little, and
not those who know
much, who are positively
assert that that this or
that problem will never
be solved by science."
-Charles Darwin-


                        Evolution into a Scientist

The purpose of this webpage is to serve as a virtual portfolio for the work that I have completed in Computer Applications in Science Education (SEYS 753). There have been a variety of interesting ideas exchanged in this class including MOOC's and the digital divide currently facing many students. Also covered are skill building tasks such as building this website and becoming familiar with many web 2.0 applications and open source software.

Under the assignments tabs you will find a link to a review for one such web 2.0 app that can be particularly useful in a science classroom. Also there you will find a link to my science education blog.