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    Albert Einstein
"Imagination is more
important than
-Albert Einstein-

Niels Bohr

"Your theory is crazy,
but not it's not crazy
enough to be true."
-Niels Bohr-


"Ignorance more
frequently begets
confidence than does knowledge: it it those
who know little, and
not those who know
much, who are positively
assert that that this or
that problem will never
be solved by science."
-Charles Darwin-


Compared to where we were just a hundred years ago, technology certain has progressed dramatically. It seems like we are living in a science fiction movie waiting for someone to shout out "Beam me up Scottie."Bad Star Trek joke aside, we now have computers, lightsabers, communication watches, and the Goggle glasses. And yes we do have robots. They are here and they continue to improve year by year. This raises the question are they here to replace us or make our lives easier?

Robots have taken on crucial life saving jobs such as disarming bombs and sweeping for mines on the battlefield. Robots have even advanced to the point to where they can even perform surgeries saving lives especially in an understaffed environment or during a natural disaster.

While there are many benefits to having robots around there are many arguments against aside from the movie plot reason that they are going to enslave mankind. They may be replacing humans and taking away jobs from those who need it to for an income. Another issue that arises is that if we become too reliant on robots and they are computer programs, can they be hacked or be down? If this happens, what would we do?

I will continue to present more arguments for both sides. For now consider these questions. How are we suppose to treat these robots as they become more humanlike? Are they completely autonomous and if so can they turn on us? Should we use robots in war as ground soldiers?