Diffusion Lab

Today's lesson is on the required NYS Regents diffusion lab. In this lab, we will continue with our exploration of diffusion. Through this lab, we will utlize diffusion to demonstrate the selective permeability of membranes. This is a long lab, so I hope the class has read through the diffusion lab packet beforehand like Mr. Gao and Mr. Martin have said before. Attached below is a video demonstration of this lab.

In this video, we show you the setup of this lab. We will create dialysis tubing to act as our selective membrane and then use it to test for the presence of unknown substances such as starch by relying on diffusion of the substances through the membrane. Since the membrane is selective, the diffusion of some substances will be allowed while that of other substances will not be. This video and this lab will show you one practical application of diffusion.

Diffusion Video

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Mr. Gao and Mr. Martin