The Benefits of Robotics

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The development of robotic technology offers countless benefits to the advancement of humanity.  Robots take all the positive attributes of the human body and expands on them.  They allow people to push themselves past their physical limitations and achieve great things.  For example. the 'Terminator' Prosthetic Hand is one of the latest bionic arms capable of replicating the movement of a human hand.  With this arm, people with disabilities can regain the functions they once had.  Similar robotic hands are being developed with the use of 3D-printing technology, creating a fast, affordable way to create prosthetics for those who need them.

Robots also have the advantage of keeping humans out of danger.  For example, the BIGDOG is an experimental rough-terrain traversing machine being developed by the army.  It is able to carry heavy loads and run at speeds similar to humans.  With this robot, important supplies can be carried through a battlefield without risking the loss of human lives.  They can also be used as scouts to search for danger before sending in soldiers.

Additionally, the field of robotics is an expanding market that offers successful and prosperous careers.  By introducing students to robotics at an early age, teachers can spark their interest in the subject.  Robotics are easy to include in science lessons, as many lessons taught in common core material can be realted back to machines and robots.