Physics - Photonics Imaging

Jamal Ali     
CUNY: BMCC & BCC    Board of Education: Stuyvesant High School

This is my first webpage. This page is still very much under construction.

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SEYS 753 ------- Instructor: Dr. Brian Murfin

Blog: Click the following link:  Photonics - Jamal   
Proposal: Proposal on Photonics Imaging for SEYS 753 
Video: Check the google group


Basic Lecture on Quantum Mechanics: Quantum Mechanics

Topics will be discussed in Modern Physics: Syllabus of Modern Physics

For the best information on Photonic Imaging, click the following link: Photonics Imaging


For News, check the following link: The New York Times

My Schedule

December 15, 2009

  Astronomy 110                          BMCC
  Physics 21                             BCC 
  Regents Physics and Modern Physics     Stuyvesant H. S.

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