Bird SOIL Biogeochemistry Research Group


Jeffrey A. Bird

Associate Professor, Queens College, CUNY

School of Earth & Environmental Sciences

PhD faculty in Earth & Environmental Sciences and Ecology, Evolutionary Biology, and Behavior Programs, The CUNY Graduate Center

Office: D-220 Science Bldg.

Lab: E223, E225, D104 Science Bldg.

Phone: (718) 997-3332   


Education: PhD Soil Biogeochemistry, UC Davis; MS Plant and Soil Science, University of VT; BS Soil Science, Cornell

ResearcherID: H-8751-2012; Orchid research page ; Researchgate

Graduate Students

Brian Brigham

MS Ecology, UCSD

Earth & Environmental

Science PhD Program

The CUNY Graduate Center

Research focus: The biogeochemistry and microbial ecology of C cycling in estuarine ecosystems (Hudson River), with an emphasis on the role of anthropogenic C and N inputs on the ecosystem-level C exchange processes.

NOAA National Estuarine Research Reserve (NERR) Graduate Research Fellowship (2010-2012)

Advanced to candidacy, 2012


Research Staff

Undergraduate Research Assistants

Visiting Scientists/Scholars

Research Interests: Development of non-destructive analysis method of nutrients (N, P, K, Cl, Mg) in soil and plant samples using spectral reflection.  Development of harvest timing models.

Zachary Way                      

Biology MA                      

(Dennehy Lab)

Elsa Rosario                    

Biology MA                      

(Dennehy Lab)

Dr. Yukikazu Murakami

Associate Professor

Department of Electrical and

Computer Engineering

National Institute of Technology, Kagawa College

Takamatsu, Kagawa  Japan

Sally Kim (2016-present)

Senior thesis


Jessenia Soriano

Research Focus: How do cities impact soil bacterial, fungal and viral communities?

Research Focus: How do cities impact soil bacterial, fungal and viral communities?


Adolfo Coyotl


Aster Volta