Loveland Tutoring
Jill Loveland is certified 7-12 by NYS in the area of Biology.
She has taught in the Bethpage School District and is currently pursuing her masters at Queens College, in addition to obtaining her Students with Disabilites certificate.

Ms. Loveland would love to tutor your child if they are struggling in their Living Environment class.
She has a 100% passing rate to date.
References avaliable upon request.
Contact her at

Helpful Science Links below:
Enzyme Substrate Reactions
Virtual Body-interactive tour of body systems
Digestive System-Why am I constipated?
The Lac Operon!
The Digestive System
Heart and Lungs
The Respiratory System
The Nervous System (The Best System of Em All!)
The Krebs Cycle
The Krebs Cycle: Example 2
Glycolysis: Example 2
All Body Systems
The Menstrual Cycle
Protein Synthesis Overview
Gel Electrophoresis-Virtual Lab
Photosynthesis-Lets get into this!
Photosynthesis: Example 2