Earth Science Pictures
Costa Del Sol Sunrise
San Sebastian Bay
Side View of a Face in Mountain (near Granada)
Rock of Gibraltar
Sunken Ship South of Gibraltar (2007)
Saint Michael’s Cavern (Gibraltar)
Power of Reflection (Alhambra-Spain)
Cumulonimbus Clouds Overlying Barcelona
Lake Como (Northern Italy)
Mount Vesuvius (Naples)
The Ancient City of Pompeii
Sea Arch (Island of Capri)
Freshwater Stream (Maui)
Secluded Cumulonimbus Cloud (Maui)
Beach Berm (Maui)
Anvil-Shaped Cloud (Haleakala National Park, Maui)
Windward Side of Mountain (Maui)
Leeward Side of Mountain (Maui)
Waikiki Beach (Oahu)
Hanauma Bay State Park (Oahu)
Secluded Bay (Northern Oahu)
Diamond Head Crater
Elevation Benchmark at Diamond Head
Hawaii Warning Horns
Black Sand Beach (Wai’Anapanapa Beach, Maui)
Paradise (Cancun)
Collapse Hole, Karst Topography (Chichen Itza, Mexico)
Puerto Rico Beach Coastline
Bermuda Coastline
Bermuda Crystal Blue Ocean
Newport Rhode Island Coastline
Horseshoe Falls (Canadian)
Horseshoe Falls (Nighttime)
Horseshoe Falls (from Rainbow Bridge)
Sediment Deposition into Niagara River
Meandering Stream (Pomperaug, Connecticut)
Aerial View of the Great South Bay
Vegetation over Sand Dunes (Montauk Point)
Side View of Coastal Sand Dunes (Montauk Point)
Sea Wall at Montauk Point
Montauk Point Lighthouse
Rock Groin at Montauk Point
Coastal Evacuation Route (Oceanside)
Urban Smog (Manhattan)
Low-Lying Cloud (Fog)
High Tide (Northport)
Low Tide (Northport)
Glacial Erratic (Queens College)
Parallel Grooves (Manhattan Bedrock)
T-Rex at the AMNH
Triceratops at the AMNH
Archaeopteryx at the AMNH
Mammoth at the AMNH
Snow Scenery (Westchester, N.Y.)
Here are some great pictures that I have taken over the past few years.  More pictures will be posted soon...