Kevin Petry

Seys 753

Assignment #5 Proposal


Title: Timers Please!


Goals: The main goal of this project is to obtain 10 photogate timers for use during physics experiments. These timers are extremely accurate in collecting time data. This is extremely useful in calculating various physics quantities such as momentum, velocity, kinetic energy and force.


Budget: I am requesting $4000 to purchase ten timer units. These units include all the necessary equipment for operation.


Procedure: These units will be used to calculate various physical quantities. They are mainly used for collecting time data, but they can also be used to collect data for period and frequency. They will used to prove various physical theories when they arise in the classroom, and they will be used in lab situations. This equipment will help students see how physics works in the real world. This is an essential experience for young people studying science.


Evaluation: Students will be evaluated by observation while they use the requested equipment. Also, for the lab applications, students will be required to submit a lab report showing and analyzing the data collected with the requested equipment. The labs will then be graded according to a predetermined rubric. This will help gauge how well the timers were used.