Appendix A



  1. Begin with the Columbia University home page
  2. Click on Libraries
  3. Click on CLIO
  4. Click on Pre-set limits (right hand side)
  5. Click on Format: Music Scores
  6. Click Set Limits button
  7. Click on Search Type: Keyword
  8. Click on Enter Search bar
  9. Type in “spinnrade”
  10. Click the Search button
    1. Screen shows two entries: Goethe Lieder by Schubert and Klavierlieder by Wagner
  11. Click on the Schubert entry
  12. Click on Full View
    1. Note that Gretchen am Spinnrade is in the Contents field
    2. Note that this field is not always filled out
    3. Note that it is for high voice
    4. Basically, this is not the right item.
  13. Now give the user a choice to:
    1. Ask a librarian (continue)
    2. Continue to search the catalog (jump to step #22)
  14. Return to the library website
  15. Click on “Libraries and Collections”
  16. Click on Libraries
  17. Scroll down 4 pages
  18. Click on “Music and Arts Library”
  19. Highlight the address, phone number and email address
  20. Click on “Staff”
  21. Show the staff’s names
  22. Return to catalog
  23. Click on Call Number 75.1 Sch78 A33
    1. Note that the Call Number Browse function is screwed up
  24. Click on New Search (basic search)
  25. Click on Search Type: Call Number Exact
  26. Click on Enter Search bar
  27. Type in 75.1 Sch78
  28. Click the Search button
    1. Note that this is the way to browse music scores call numbers
  29. Click on result number 4
    1. Show that these are the complete songs of Franz Schubert (uniform title)
  30. Click Back
  31. Scroll down
  32. Click on number 8 (another set of complete songs)
  33. Click Back
  34. Click on number 9
    1. Point out that when the uniform title says “Songs, Selections,” there should be a content note.
  35. Click on Full View
    1. Voila! There are the content notes (but not of Gretch am Spinnrade).
  36. Click Back twice
  37. Click on number 7
    1. It is a short record. Suggest going to the shelf to browse.
  38. Click Back
  39. Click on number 11
  40. Click Back
    1. Point out that number 16 also fits into this category
    2. Point out that the only way to find out what the contents are is to look at the item itself.
  41. Scroll down
  42. Scroll down
  43. Click on Number 29
  44. Click on Full View
    1. Note the “24 Favorite Songs”
    2. Note the Title
  45. Open a new tab
  46. Click Navigation Bar
  47. Type “”
  48. Click Go
  49. Click on Search Bar
  50. Type in Schubert “First Vocal Album” “low voice””
  51. Click Search
  52. Click on the first result (
  53. Scroll down twice to the list of songs
    1. Voila! Gretchen am Spinnrade is there
  54. Go back to CLIO
  55. Click on Request from Offsite
  56. Click on the check box for the item
  57. Click on delivery method check box
  58. Scroll down
  59. Fill in contact information
  60. Click submit
  61. End recording


© 2008, Kimmy Szeto