Midterm Assignment for  Intro to Engineering and Engineering I

Every day you use products that make your life eaiser and more enjoyable.  Engineering design and a story can be found behind even the simplest of objects/inventions- the paper clip, paper, the pencil, the door knob, the zipper, the pop top can, the toothbrush, etc and the not so simple- the telephone, indoor plumbing, the windshield wiper, the radio, the internet,  plasma TV, the compter, GPS devices, the internal combustion engine, voice recogntion. etc,.

For your midterm assignment,  select a common object that you would like to learn more about and perhaps improve on at some point in the future

Format   In groups no larger than four  students, create a short video/ music video, animation, webpage, or podcast that can inform others about an object/ invention of your choice 

    Remember- Be creative but informative
If you need tech help or equipment, see Ms. P.  
Flip Cameras are available in the library!