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Revenge of the Rubes   --  This is my blog.
Bad Astronomy  --  Great astronomy blog by Phil Plait.
Pharyngula  --  The one and only PZ Meyers blogs here.
The Loom
  --  Carl Zimmer is likely the best science writer today.  
About Geology  --  An interesting blog focusing on geology.


The Skeptic's Guide to the Universe  --  The best skeptic podcast going today.
Science Magazine  --  This and Nature give the best hard science, taken directly from the magazine.
Nature  --  This and Science Magazine give the best hard science, taken directly from the journal.
Skeptoid  --  Brian Dunning focuses on scientific myths and pseudoscience.
Science Friday: Video  --  NPR's Science Friday always has an interesting video.
Radiolab  --  This is probably my favorite podcast.   Always fascinating and great production values.
One Species at a Time  --  Short take on a particular species.


Nasa: Earth Observatory News

The Skeptic's Dictionary
The Encyclopedia of Earth