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Web 2.0 Application Evaluated: TeacherTube

                                                                                     Website: http://www.teachertube.com

Teacher Tube is a Web 2.0 application that allows registered users to broadcast a variety of media, including audio and video clips.  It can be access by all internet sources and so can be used on any operating system.  Like the original You Tube, it allow for the same free access and sharing of materials, except that it specializes in education topics.

The website is easy to navigate.  It has a search engine to help people find clips, and it gives clear directions for how to upload new clips.  The web page also has contests that awards prizes for the best new clips.  Also, unlike You Tube, many of the filters used by schools does not block access to the site so it can be used interactively.  However, you can also download clips and play them on Realplayer if you don’t have internet access in the classroom.


       Teachertube.com allows users to broadcast and share video and audio files, free of charge.          

        Specializes in educational videos in all subject areas.

        Easy to use.

        Can create groups so only designated individuals can add/view videos.

        Large amount of information is available through youtube.com.

        Content is filtered for educational use.

        Accessible through NYCDOE internet.


        Many of the videos are of limited educational use.

        There is a limit to the size of the audio/video file that can be uploaded.

        There are some good clips, but you have to spend time looking for them.

        Need to have internet access.

Ways to Use Teacher Tube in the classroom:

        Use clips to help illuminate scientific concepts.

        Can use videos to start discussions about different topics.

        Can have students make clips as a class project and upload them as a motivational and educational tool.

        Can post clips of lectures so students can use them as a study tool.

         Can have a contest for the best class video where the students of the entire school can vote for the best clip as part of an educational campaign like AIDS awareness.