Title:                 Using Hand-On Activities to Foster Science Comprehension

Goals:               The goal of this project is to foster the comprehension of the concept of mitosis (the asexual reproduction of cells) through the production of a video clip.  In order for this project to be successfully complete, students must demonstrate a proficient understanding of the stages of mitosis, an ability to utilize technology such as video editing software and web 2.0 applications, as well a inter-personal management skills and creativi

Budget:             $850.00

            Approximate breakdown of Budget:

8 digital cameras ……………………….…..$90 each



         colored paper

         pipe cleaners



                                Software (freeware)…………………..……$0






1.       Students will be broken up into groups of four.  Each group will be responsible for creating a video clip about the stages of mitosis.  The format of the video is only limited by the creativity of the students (e.g. claymation, play, a series of narrated still-life’s, etcetera). 

2.       Each group will be given a digital camera, rubric, access to the supplies listed above, and access to the school computer laboratory.  In addition students can download the free software to their home computers.  This project will be assigned after the instruction of the mitosis unit. 

3.       Students will upload their finished projects onto TeacherTube.com . 

4.       Each groups’ Teachertube.com videos will then be voted on by their peers and a panel of science teachers. 

5.       The videos will be graded based on the rubric.  Extra credit will be given to the most accurate, most popular and most creative video presentations.


Funding:            The resources I requesting are necessary to buy the basic equipment needed for the students to create their video clips (e.g., digital cameras).   Students can edit their videos using software they already own, or free software available on the internet.  There is no charge for the use of TeacherTube.com. 


Evaluation:            The rubric used to evaluate this project will include four categories as describe below:

1.       Accuracy- all stages are represented, chromosomes in correct position, etc.

2.       Animation- amount of movement seen (e.g., chromosome separation, cell membrane pinching)

3.       Narration- the inclusion of an audio or textual narration of events

4.       Creativity- medium used, intricacy of work, originality